Holy smokes, it has been ages since we posted here.

It’s so sad — I didn’t even post once during the entirety of 2012. You know what else? I didn’t rate a single beer during 2012 either (stats for my RateBeer.com profile prove it).

Admittedly, I’ve lost the drive to rate beers. I stil try all kinds of new beers and take mental notes as I drink them (oh so good). But no more rigor in taking notes and putting them on the web. Sometimes I miss it. My wife does not though — she always hated how I would pull out my phone and take notes for a few minutes whenever I ordered a beer when we were out. Apparently she’d rather I talk to her instead, or something like that… ;)

At the moment, we have a shortage on CO2. Once that is rectified, we’ll have our latest creation pouring: Hump’s Bière Bombe Houblon. It’s a Belgian IPA made Nugget bittering hops and a generous amount of Nelson Sauvin hops (from New Zealand) for flavor, aroma, and dry-hopping. I’ll be excited to try the first glass.

On new year’s day, we cooked up a fun experiment — our first single malt + single hop recipe. All Scottish Golden Promise winter barley malt and all Mosaic hops. Mosaic is a new variety that is bred from Simcoe. The beer is nearly done with primary fermentation, and it’s looking promising. The aroma coming from the fermentor was fantastic. These hops smell awesome.

Hopefully, 2013 will see more activity from us than 2012 did. I noticed that I have a backlog of labels to make for the beers we’ve been making — two years worth of recipes to labelify. Should be fun.