Hump’s Brewing is the invention of a single homebrewer – me, Joshua Humphries. I began homebrewing when my father-in-law (at the time he was just “my girlfriend’s dad”) introduced me to it. I was already a fan of flavorful, artisan/craft beers. I even had some good friends that were already brewing. My father-in-law also homebrewed. As a gift, he gave me some of his brewing equipment and helped me brew my first batch. The first batch was never consumed – it turned out quite poorly. The next one turned out nicely, though. And thus began my foray into making beer.

Up until mid-2008, I still did extract brewing – though with a partial mash using as much grain as I could fit in my primitive equipment (5-6 pounds). Starting in 2008, I made the leap to all-grain brewing yet. In March 2009, I bought a three-tier gravity-fed brewing stand. At first, I was weary of the all-grain process as something went wrong almost every time. It was a struggle with every batch to hit my saccharification rest temperature correctly. With my current setup, which includes a 1/2-bbl keg converted into a hot liquor tank with a sight glass and thermometer, I no longer struggle with this. I still sometimes miss my temperature, but I usually get within 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that I’m no longer fighting the process, I really enjoy all-grain brewing – both the process (now that I finally have it figured out) and the flexibility and creativity I can employ when formulating the grain bill.

With my current setup, it takes me between 5 and 6 hours to whip up a batch. I try to brew at least once a month. I never make the same recipe twice (or at least not yet).

I formulate all of my own recipes using software that I wrote: Homebrew Helper. If you are a homebrewer, you may be interested in trying the software. I hope to make it available for download soon. Until then, if you are interested in it then please send me an e-mail.

If you would like recipes for any of the beers I’ve made, I’ll be happy to provide them to you – just e-mail me.