I bought some peppermint flavored coffee this past weekend at the grocery store. My wife and I both like the stuff – and I am getting sick of the pumpkin spice coffee that was acquired for Thanksgiving…

It reminds me of a category of brews I’ve only heard about but never had the opportunity to taste: Mint Stouts.

After drinking mint coffee in the morning for three mornings in a row, I’ve decided that this type of beer sounds awesome. I imagine a strong, sweet stout (perhaps around 7% abv) with coffee (or espresso) and fresh peppermint leaves. I thought about doing that instead of a winter spice beer for next year’s Holiday Ale. But I may not be able to wait that long. If the winter is cold and frosty in January or February then I may be in the mood to cook this one up soon.

Hump’s Freshmaker Stout has a nice ring, doesn’t it?