My last batch of homebrew was original recipe #47. I have a Holiday Ale planned for next week or the week after: a sweet brown ale made with oats and with a touch of spice (only a touch – unlike last year’s clove monster). In the first half of December I’ll be using the Fat Tire Ale Yeast that I picked up the other day to make a Belgian Pale Ale: Hump’s Humble Monk Ale.

And then, on New Year’s Day, I will ring in 2008 by brewing up Hump’s Fiftieth Brew. It will be an American Stock Ale – strong, dark, and hoppy. If it goes well, it will turn out somewhere between Stone’s Arrogant Bastard and Avery’s Fourteen… and not unlike Rogue Brewer. All three of these are delicious examples of American Stock Ales – which, by the way, do not yet have their own category in the BJCP Style Guidelines. If I were to submit it to a homebrew competition, I would have to enter it as an Imperial IPA and then put a note about it being an American Stock Ale. The guidelines suggest that they may break it out into its own official style later.