Hump’s Farmhouse Ale is a raging success! It is one of the best beers I’ve made – absolutely delectable.

It has two very minor flaws which prevent it from being perfect: the taste of ethanol is a bit strong, and the bitterness on the back of the tongue is slightly astringent. The latter is quite minimal in perceptibility and may improve with age. The former will definitely improve with age. I will definitely be siphoning off some of this delicious juice into 22 ounce bombers for consumption over the next few years.

I now have a slight problem – Hump’s Peachy Ale is ready to keg, but Hump’s Blissful Bock is nowhere near gone. In other words, I have an overrun of homebrew. What’s worse? I plan to brew more next weekend, which may exacerbate the issue.

Oh, well, let’s face it: there are worse problems to have! Tomorrow I may empty the Bock into 22 ounce bombers and give some away to friends and coworkers so that I have room to keg the Peachy Ale.

The next batch, as I think I have mentioned in a previous post, will be Hump’s Best Bitter: an English-style pale ale, also called an Extra Special Bitter. It should satisfy my hop cravings for a few months.