On Wednesday I kegged Hump’s Farmhouse Ale. From what I sampled, I have very high hopes.

It tastes big, strong, malty, yeasty, and fruity. The spices (coriander and orange peel) were also quite apparent in the beer’s flavor – at least when the beer was still flat. I had a small taste tonight to see how the carbonation is coming along. It isn’t completely carbonated, but it was missing the distinct citrus and spice touch that I noticed on Wednesday. We’ll see if it comes back.

I also racked Hump’s Peachy Ale off of the peaches. I expect to keg it this weekend. I’ll have to bring them in to work to celebrate a co-worker’s (and long-time friend’s) last day at work (he’s leaving to pursue new web development opportunities with a start-up company here in Atlanta).

I have a lot of Hump’s Blissful Bock left over. I’ll have to either drink a lot this weekend or put a whole lot into bottles (put your money on the latter – I ain’t in college no mo’). Or I could always postpone the kegging of the peachy beer… We shall see how I feel this weekend.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought some new brews this week. Both are American pale ales, and both are pretty decent: North Coast’s Red Seal Ale and Sierra Nevada’s Anniversary Ale. The North Coast offering is better – it has a more polished malt profile and is slightly cleaner tasting. The Sierra Nevada brew suffers from almost soapy-looking carbonation and a much grainier flavor. I’ll write up reviews for them at RateBeer.com in the very near future…