While taking pictures of my latest influx of specialty beers, I realized that I hadn’t adequately captured my home brewery for all of you readers to see (I know, I know: readers may be exaggerating).

Here you can see the inside of the basement fridge. I’ve posted some photos before, but those were before I adapted the rig for double-keg duty.

A close up of the kegs reveals numbered taps. This is critical to knowing what is dispensed from those taps at any given point in time.

On the wall in the kitchenette, to the right of the fridge, is the key to decoding the tap numbers.

One of these days I may even have real taps – possibly attached to the door of the fridge and definitely with my custom Hump’s logos…

I know it looks a dreadful mess of entangling hoses at the moment, but it really isn’t so bad. It is easy to pour a beer, and it is easy to keep the hoses out of the way while retrieving bottles. The only thing that isn’t easy is removing and replacing a keg. That requires moving everything around, typically bringing the CO2 canister and regulator out of the fridge for a bit, and slowly dragging the thing out. When it’s empty, it’s no problem. Moving around a full keg, however, is a different story. They only hold five gallons, but their oblong shape makes them a pain to easily move around. Also, they are resting at the back of the fridge so that their weight doesn’t crack the glass floor. Moving them around while making sure they aren’t resting on an unsupported area of glass is part of the fun.

Earlier this week, while completely smitten with the idea of photographing beer, I captured a snifter in the office, full of Rogue’s Old Crustacean Barleywine. Snifters make such lovely glassware, don’t they?

While we are on the subject of photos of fancy glasses that are full of beer, I found these gems today. They are from a day in 2006 at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur. That pub happens to serve beer in proper glassware, so you should be able to guess exactly what two brews Malin and I were tasting.

And, yes, that goober in the last picture is none other than … (drumroll, please) … yours truly.