Victory Hop DevilBeers of the Victory Brewing Company are now available in Georgia! I contacted Savannah Distributing and asked them about several major brewers that, as of yet, have no presence in Georgia. Victory was one of them, and Three Floyds and Stone Brewing were also in that list. They said they were pursuing all three of them and that Victory beers were due in mid-May. Unfortunately, the other two brewers aren’t expected to be represented in Georgia until 2008. But one out of three ain’t bad (it’s really two out of four when you include Dogfish Head, which just arrived in Georgia in March).

On another note, I brewed another batch of beer this past Sunday: Berry Weizen. So far it is just a Dunkelweizen (though not particularly dunkel). But later this week I’ll be adding three pounds of mixed berries to it (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries).

I’ve also updated the Brews section so that the page for 2007 is up-to-date with the beers I’ve brewed and kegged during the time this site was down.