I haven’t written a post in quite some time. “Why?” you might ask. Because of the fact that this website has been down. In fact, no one can even read this post! Whenever we get the site back up, you’ll be able to read all of this wittiness I’m currently typing up. But not until then.

We had some issues with our ISP, and our web-server was shut down. We moved my wife’s photography web-site to a set of new servers (TextDrive.com), and it has been up the whole time – only interrupted for less than two days. But, alas, my other blogs couldn’t make the move – yet.

I think they will be up relatively soon. And even if not, they’ll come back up by the time we find permanent hosting for our websites (which, tentatively, looks like it will be with SliceHost.com).

In the meantime I have brewed a delicious American Pale Ale that I’ve called Hump’s Better Bitter. I’m sipping it now, in fact. Delicious.

I’ve also kegged my Witbier. It turned out quite nicely, too.

I’ll update the Brews page with tasting notes and more info soon.

Until next time…