It looks like my opinion of the Humble Hop Juice goes up and down and up – just like a roller coaster.

My first taste of it was delicious. After a couple of weeks in the keg went by, it seemed to take on a strange taste. But maybe I was just crazy, because after drinking a pint of it last night I think it is delicious again.

I finally kegged the stout yesterday and had a fun time fighting with the kegs. I may need to replace some of the parts, because it seems like, when under pressure, the liquid ball-lock posts can leak a little. But they may not need replacement. I may have accidentally swapped posts. I have two different types of posts, and I think they may not be 100% interchangeable. So at some point, when the kegs are not full of beer, I might try swapping the posts and see if that helps.

Today is Easter Sunday (happy anniversary of your rising from the dead, Jesus!). What better way to celebrate than to make beer! So I’ll be cooking up the Belgian Wit today…

Update: The problem with the posts on the kegs turned out to be bad poppets. Not only were the poppets not all the correct size, but their gaskets were old, too.