I tried a taste of my Humble Hop Juice (which I just kegged on Sunday). It isn’t 100% carbonated yet, but it is still palatable.

In fact, it is delicious. The name is quite appropriate. It is very hoppy – although not immensely bitter. It has a honey-like sweetness balanced by a firm but far-from-overpowering bite of hop bitterness. But the star of the show is the Centennial hop aroma and flavor – quite smooth, citrusy, and pungent.

On another note, I was happy to discover the batch of Hump’s Dry Stout I brewed on Sunday is showing serious signs of fermentation (the huge foamy, bubbly krausen and the bubbles trickling from the fermentation lock). Apparently I did not mistakenly murder my yeast population – what a relief!

With luck, I can rack it to the secondary next Monday or Tuesday evening, and then keg it the following Sunday (April 1st). To do so, I’ll first have to go to Just Brew It! so that I can augment my kegging rig to run two kegs instead of just one.