To commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day 2007 I plan on brewing an Irish Dry Stout tomorrow. That choice of style also has a little to do with the fact that my current project at work is for a client in Ireland. In fact, I’ll be traveling to Ireland for work in a few weeks; I’ll be in Belfast, in the North, the week of April 9th.

So I’ll make a trip to the homebrew store tomorrow, brew up some beer, and then have a classic Irish dinner of fish and chips (and perhaps wash it down with a glass of Guinness). And the fish and chips will be in the style of Ireland – meaning the batter for the fish will have no beer in it. (Only the English would waste beer in such a way!)

I will also be kegging the batch that I currently have in secondary: Hump’s Humble Hop Juice. It is currently aging over a 1/2 ounce of Centennial hops. I can’t wait until it’s kegged, carbonated, and ready to be sampled!

So, happy St. Pat’s, everyone!