I managed to get my hands on some Dogfish Head beer today. The Greene’s on Ponce was the only place that had a good selection in stock: most of the stores near me had either already sold out or couldn’t get any (apparently the distributor emptied their stock very quickly). I think that is good news: with demand for their beer this high, Dogfish Head will keep the supply to Georgia flowing. Hopefully it will also be a good sign to some other great brewers to start sending their beers this way (particularly Victory and Stone).What I was able to nab should last me awhile. Most of it is in my basement now:

  • ApriHop (4 pack of 12 oz. bottles)
  • Burton Baton (also a 4-pack of 12 oz.bottles)
  • Pangaea (750 ml bottle) – Finding this was a pleasant surprise!
  • Red and White (also a 750 ml bottle)

I only got the seasonals since they are only available for limited times. The other brews available here are brewed year-round, so I can pick those up any time. I’m excited to try these. When I do, I’ll post my reviews to RateBeer.com (you can see my profile there to see my reviews).

In other news, I racked and dry-hopped my batch of “Humble Hop Juice”. It has not attenuated well (1.022 after four weeks), but smells and tastes good.