I realized this week that Dogfish Head beers should now be available in Georgia. The brewer sent me an e-mail in February indicating that their launch in Georgia would be March 1st. Calling around the package stores in my area, I discovered that many of their beers now in fact are available here. Delightful! I will have to go pick some up tomorrow. The beers that are available in Georgia follow:

  • 60-Minute IPA: Their flagship pale ale
  • 90-Minute IPA: A stronger version of their flagship – an imperial pale ale
  • Indian Brown Ale: A strong, hoppy, brown ale
  • Midas Touch: A recreation of beer that was drunk during the time of King Midas
  • Raison D’Être: A complex Belgian-style ale made with raisins
  • Burton Baton: A seasonal beer that is a strong and complex imperial pale ale
  • Red and White: A cross between red wine and a Belgian white beer – strong, spicy, and aged in pinot noir barrels
  • ApriHop: A seasonal IPA made with apricots

Several of their most renowned and ambitious brews, unfortunately, will not be available here. When Georgia legislature changed the laws so that stronger beers (> 6.5%) could be sold here, they only raised the limit to 14%. Dogfish Head happens to make several crazy brews that are stronger than this:

  • 120-Minute IPA: Colossal Pale Ale – 21% !!
  • Fort: A very strong, wine-like raspberry beer – 18%
  • Olde School Barleywine: A strong barleywine brewed with dates and figs – 15%
  • Raison D’Extra: A stronger version of Raison D’Être – 18.5%
  • Word Wide Stout: A blissful imperial stout – 18%

Hopefully I can snag at least one of these monstrous brews when I’m in North Carolina this month (although they might not be allowed there either…).