Instead of boring all of my friends and family members with my homebrew hobby (or at least the few who actually read my blog), I’ve decided to just bore you. Don’t you feel special already?

I’ll be moving over some content from my other blog – posts that were mostly about beer and my geeking out over beer. I also hope to have info about all of the beers I’ve made, including comments, tasting notes, and bottle labels of my own design.

Note: This post is the first one made to this site. All posts that are timestamped older than this one were moved over from the other blog.

If you homebrew, then hopefully you will enjoy reading about my travails in the hobby. Please feel free to e-mail me. Be warned that I get a lot of junk-mail at this address, so I may not see your message. Make sure to put something in the subject that I won’t confuse as junk mail (otherwise, I tend to just delete messages from names I don’t recognize).