I mentioned in my previous post that I was redoing the bottle label graphics I’ve made for my homebrews. In addition to redoing some of the labels, I’m also creating several new labels – for beers that I had brewed but for which I’d never made labels. Here are some of my top picks – some old and refurbished, some new.

Holiday brews:
Hump's Holiday Ale

To celebrate our wedding (Marla and Miles are our dogs’ names):
Hump's Wedding Ale

Devilishly good beer:
Hump's Hellishly Hopped Ale

To celebrate my sister’s wedding (K, and her now-husband Cass):
Hump's Sororal Union Ale

A recently brewed stout that is delicious:
Hump's Full Moon Stout

My first batch of kegged homebrew:
Hump's American Schwarzbier